Caltech APh 77

"To measure is to know"
- Lord Kelvin

This page gives extra information on the two labs I handle. The offical course website can be found on Professor Scherer's group website.

Analog electronics experiment

Supplemental information [PDF]

Links to IC datasheets:

National LF356 JFET input op-amp [ Webpage / Datasheet ]
Intersil CA3160 FET input op-amp [ Datasheet ]
National LM565 Phase locked loop [ Webpage / Datasheet ]
TI CD4007 Dual comp. pair plus inverter[ Webpage / Datasheet ]
Fairchild QEE122Infrared LED [ Webpage / Datasheet ]
Fairchild QSD733Photodarlington (transistor) [ Webpage / Datasheet ]

High-Tc superconductivity experiment

Supplemental information [PDF]

"Ampere's Force Experiment: Derivation" [PDF]

Introductory information on the lock-in amplifier from Signal Recovery:

"The Incredible Story of Dr D. P. Freeze"[ Index page / Technical note ]
"What is a Lock-in Amplifier?" [ Index page / Technical note ]

Links to equipment manuals:

Stanford Research Sys. SR510Lock-in Amplifier [Webpage / Manual]
Keithley 195A Digital Multimeter[Manual]